The Benefits of Mercury Free Dentistry

Posted on: July 15, 2018

mercury free dentistry

What is mercury-free dentistry?

Cavities are simply a part of life. We eat food, which turns into sugars, which can feed off our teeth if we do not properly brush and floss away the residue. If you do end up with a cavity, it can easily be remedied with a visit to the dentist and modern dental technology. Back in the day, dentists used to use mercury to treat cavities.

In the dental world, mercury fillings are known as amalgam fillings. Mercury, however, is a poison, and having large amounts of it in your system is not the best idea. Mercury toxicity can create a host of health issues down the road. If you are experiencing insomnia, mood swings, headaches, tremors and weakness, you may want to get checked out for mercury poisoning. Nowadays, there are many benefits of a dentist having a mercury-free dentistry.

Benefits of mercury-free dentistry include:

  • There is a safer environment for all patients
  • Patients are healthier and live longer
  • Chemicals will not be in your teeth nor will the poison have access to your body
  • Zero chemicals are used for treating your tooth from decay
  • Patients can enjoy materials that do not break, and the new material will not emit any harmfulness into the body once the filling is placed

As you can see, the health benefits alone are enough to seek out a mercury-free dentistry. We have surely advanced from the past, so now it is up to knowledge and education to keep people healthier for a longer amount of time.

A bioaccumulation reaction is when mercury releases more of itself into your body, even if it has already been residing there. If this is the case, you may experience ill symptoms due to higher levels of the poison. The old days of mercury fillings are over, as it is obvious that they are no longer worth it. In fact, many dentists are realizing this fact and steering clear of mercury fillings, and you should too. When you choose a mercury-free dentistry, you can start to minimize your risk of getting mercury toxicity, which can cause many costly issues.

Pay attention and ask questions when it comes to your oral and overall health. You never want to end up in a situation when your dentist already added various mercury fillings and you are now at risk of mercury toxicity. Research your dentist’s credentials, read reviews and choose a dentist who operates a mercury-free dentistry.

We offer a comfortable environment for our patients, along with mercury-free dentistry services. We care about preserving your teeth while providing a healthy and long-term solution. Give us a call, and we will discuss all your options in-depth. Restore your teeth and smile with chemical-free fillings that go unnoticed, which will help you feel and look healthier.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Smile Now Dental, request an appointment in our Campbell dental office here: Or call us at (408) 657-4185.

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